Back to December

Oh how time flies! Four months in! Yes, It has been four months since I started my journey in this great country called Great Britain (pardon the bad puns). I have now experienced two out of the four seasons in this country, namely fall and winter. I have to say that both seasons had its own beauty and charm.

Here are some of photos of fall which I took at my university.

I finally saw colours change and leaves fall. Because of this, I enjoyed walking on the fallen leaves. I especially liked the rustling sound of the leaves as I walk through leaf covered paths.

As October changed to November and finally to December, the temperature dropped gradually till I was able to experience temperatures below 0. Because of this, frost was common and my surroundings changed once more.

Classes also became more interesting. With it being interesting came all the coursework, but I did enjoy them even through the struggle of readings and essaysssssss (more “s” for added emphasis) 🙂 . As classes started to dwindle, I had more time to be more aware of my surroundings a.k.a. time to go out and about.

Christmas season in Norwich was lovely. It was not like the Philippines (we take Christmas seriously… that we start decorating and preparing for it beginning September 🙂 ), but it had that Christmas town charm. There were a good amount of decor and lights at the city centre. It was a wonderful sight since the child in me loves Christmas. Like Filipinos, I have witnessed the crazy last minute shopping that happens during this season.

Last December, I made a conscious effort to witness Christmas in London (well not all, but I think a good amount). It was just a day trip to London and I just walked around, hence covering a small portion of London.

9 AM: My day started at Victoria Coach Station and then I made my way to the Buckingham Palace grounds where I took touristy-photos. I continued my walk along Birdcage Walk till I reached the Horse Guards Parade. At the Horse Guards Parade, I took more photos, saw guards marching, and attempted to touch the horse (not successful).

12 PM: After a few minutes, I made my way to Trafalgar Square. This was the main place for my trip to London. I wanted to see the giant Christmas tree standing at the center of Trafalgar Square; because nothing says Christmas like a GIANT REAL TREE. The tree came as a gift from Norway and has been a tradition ever since.

After a few snaps, I decided to visit the National Portrait Gallery. It was not part of my original plan, but then again I love art and entrance to the main galleries is free so I went. When visiting London, make sure you allot a good amount of time for museums and galleries. Most museums and galleries are free, you can check this website for more details: I was just in awe the whole time walking from one room to another. Amazing detail and emotion-filled paintings of various shapes and sizes filled rooms. Paintings which I studied during my undergraduate came to life! (shout-out to Prof. Ruben Defeo for the unforgettable FA 30 class). Works by Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet, and da Vinci could be seen along with other great painters from various periods in history. Here are some of them (note: taking photos using selfie sticks are not allowed).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 PM: Another agenda that I had in mind was to visit another London Christmas landmark which was Winter Wonderland. So from Trafalgar Square, I walked to Hyde Park. Along the way, I saw hundreds of cycling Santa Clauses, who were cycling for charity.

Upon arriving at Hyde Park, I already saw crowds heading to Winter Wonderland. Entrance was free, but if you plan on trying some rides or playing some games you need to pay. I did not really plan on riding anything so I just walked around (yes, a whole day of walking! So be sure to wear comfortable footwear and bring water). The atmosphere was fun and colourful. Various sights, sounds, and smells surrounded the area. After going around and checking the different booths, I settled for the fragrant pretzels.

The day ended and I hurried back to catch my coach. All in all, the day spent in London was fun and colourful (literally and figuratively). I believe I had a good glimpse of Christmas in London.

So that’s my back to December memory… Now back to do more academic stuff. 🙂

Will write soon,


P.S. The photos are personally owned by the author. Kindly ask permission before using or at least cite the source. Thank you! 🙂


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