*note: this is not my normal bubbly post, rather this is my current state so my apologies for the tone of this blog entry*

As I am writing this tears are falling because today I know I will lose another best friend. I will be losing Sparky. I truly believe in the saying that dogs are wo/man’s best friend and Sparky has been just that to me.


I have had Sparky since 2009. Before adopting him, he was part of my cousins’ family, but since my cousins’ were moving to Canada, we gladly took him in our family. I could still remember his first day. He came in early in the morning from Baguio in his rectangular cage. He was a bit shaky (I could imagine the bumps and the darkness he had to endure to travel all the way to our home), but he was quiet. He looked at me with his doe-eyes and I knew that I would love him. And I did!

And that is the reason for my tears. Today I have to say goodbye to my best friend of almost 9 years. My friend who loved food, walks, and cuddles. My friend who was there when I needed to get my mind of some things. My friend who never complained (really, he would only bark when food was being served and when visitors would be outside our gate). My friend who was only a source of joy and love. Yes, I now have to say goodbye.

Having had two dogs in the past, going through the same thing never becomes easy and I always ask myself why am I even so attached. But you see the reasons why I feel heavyhearted are the same reasons why I choose to love my dogs. Sparky truly lived up to his name (he was named by my cousins). He had a sparky personality that allowed some of my friends, who were afraid of dogs, to start loving dogs by giving him pats. He was a joy to watch as he would waddle. His sparky personality also, in a way, helped calm down my ferocious chihuahua. To everything you gave and were to my family, thank you Sparky.

Thank you Sparky. I am sorry I can’t be there for the last time, but I am so thankful that I got a chance to spend Christmas and New Year with you.

Rest well my best friend.

Thank you. I love you.



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