Sunshine After the Storm

“Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will give you strength, and for sure I will help you. Yes, I will hold you up with My right hand that is right and good.”  –  Isaiah 41:10


The verse mentioned above has been my battlecry for the past month with all the rollercoaster of emotions and stress that I have been through. It is literally and figuratively sunny after the storm for me. I still cannot believe that it’s been more than half a year since I set foot in this place. 7 months has been both fast and slow. It is true what they say that time flies when you are having fun. It has been fun meeting and getting to know people and making new friends from all over the world. I really enjoy listening to their stories and experiences, as well as share my own stories.

Despite the heartache of losing my precious Sparky while having to finish essays and prepare for THE exam, God has proven to me that He really is my strength and my help. I am feeling so much better now and the weather could not have come at the right time. It is now bright, warm, and sunny here in Norwich. It has been perfect for picnics and barbecues by the lake here in campus. I am so amazed by the culture of sunbathing here maybe because I take sunshine back home for granted. Here, I have observed that as soon as the sun out people go out and just lay on the grass. They stay under the sun for hours; this amazes me. 🙂

Okay now to get back to the reason for this entry… I just want to encourage people all over the amazing world wide web that situations right now in life may not be where you want to be. It might be tough, frightening, painful, and sad, but go through it and trust in God. If you feel like crying, go ahead and cry it out to God. Ask Him,  but at the same time seek Him through the Bible. It is so easy to pity your situation and just sulk over things that you caused or other people caused. Finger-pointing is never the solution as well as self-blame. Recognise that you don’t feel okay and give it to the Lord because He tells us to “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7). No situation is to hard for God, but do remember it will always have purpose for you and the people around you. So hang in there! Sending virtual hugs…

So now that I have more time to write, I will be posting backblogs of my spring and Easter experience while balancing dissertation. 🙂 Also, thank you for the people who have been sending well wishes and prayers especially during my tough days.

Warm Hugs,


P.S. All photos are personally owned by the author. Kindly ask permission before using or at least cite the source. Thank you! 🙂


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