It’s a Spring Fling Thing

So it’s already summer, but here is my supposed to be spring entry:

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” – Anne Bradstreet

Spring is such a beautiful sight to behold. Sunshine, blues skies, and flowers of different colours blossoming all around. But I could not agree more with the quote above. Yes, it’s true that spring is lovely, but for spring to be appreciated you have to go through fall and winter; and I really appreciated spring because of the cold winter.

Spring here is like what I have imagined and so much more. The first few sights of spring were budding trees and branches. Next came the greener grass, then the flowers. The amazing thing I observed here is that the type of flower that grows comes in different batches. 💐 (It seems like every 3-4 weeks a bunch of flowers are replaced by another kind.) First were the bright yellow daffodils followed by all sorts of flowers (which I do not know the name).


I love spring because it is a mix of cool weather with the right amount of warmth. Also during this time, I had more free days due to the school break. Because of this, my friends and I visited London to visit some museums, famous tourists spots, and parks. We stayed overnight and this is the itinerary:

Day 1

11 (approx.) AM: We arrived in London and had a quick brunch at Victoria Place, which has shop and food outlets just beside the Victoria Station. After our meal, we made our way to the Buckingham Palace grounds on foot. There we took touristy photos. (Now I get better photos because I have friends with me. Hooray for that! 😀).


1 PM: We took a stroll around St. James’s Park and took more photos of the spring surroundings. There were cherry blossoms at the park 🌸! We also took some time and chilled by the grass.


3 PM: I brought my friends to Trafalgar Square and National Gallery Museum were we spent most of the afternoon.



5 PM: Since the sun was still shining, we opted to walk to the Westminster and again took touristy photos of the place. Because of all the walking, we decided to go to Chinatown via the Tube to have dinner. Chinatown is a good place to go for cheap food (also because we missed Asian cuisine).  After dinner, we walked around the area and made our way to Leicester Square. There we checked out the Lego shop. It was such a treat to enter the place because it made me feel like a child again. It was like a lego museum/ shop to be honest because of all the displays. I also got to see the machine that prints lego mosaics.



9 PM: Before calling it a night, we went to Tower Bridge (which is often mistaken as the London Bridge). There the night scene of London was beautiful.



Day 2

Because of the tiring day we had, we started going around London again at 12 noon. We also took things more slowly.

12 PM: We decided to go to Natural History Museum. Upon arriving, there were loads of people! (Tip: go to museums early and on weekdays to avoid crowds). The museum was fine. There were some displays that were being fixed, but overall still a good place to see. If I would compare it to what we have back home, it was like Museo Pambata plus National Museum with bigger collections and more tactile stuff (so visiting the Natural History Museum is great for children).


4 PM The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the area and biking at the Kensington Gardens. We rented the Santanders Bike. Afterwards, we made our way to Hyde Park and rested for a while before heading back to the coach station.

Overall the experience was fun and tiring, but I was able to see more of London than my past trips. (I have to mention that all the Museums we visited were free!) Also, traveling with friends is always nice. This trip also summarised my spring experience, because it was busy, but beautiful at the same time.

Till Next!


P.S. All photos are personally owned by the author. Kindly ask permission before using or at least cite the source. Thank you! 🙂


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