She that Wanders

Hello there, Dot (short for Dorothy) here!

D – decades… I have been wandering our wonderful solar system for two decades and three years. Life has been great with all the norths and souths, easts and wests. Currently busy teaching and enjoying forty happy bouncing children.

O – optimistic… thinking of the opposite would just be a waste of time. Trying to write the good one blog entry at a time.

T – thoughtful… this means I think about different things all at the same time (in other words slightly crazy 🙂 ). This word also means I try (emphasis on try since I have yet to perfect being thoughtful) to think about others first. “Others first… self last… better you!”

So that’s me! Thank you for taking the time and reading. God bless you!

If you would like to tell me something you may send me an email at

P.S. all pictures are from author unless sighted from a source. If you would like to use it kindly ask permission or sight source properly! Thanks!


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